2022 Australian Police Golf team 2022

The inaugural biennial matchplay event of the Australian Police Golf Team -v- the Australian Defence Force team.

The 2022 Australian Police Golf Team (APGT) vs Australian Defence Force Golf Association (ADFGA) golf tournament was held from the 24th to 26th August 2022 in the Australian Capital Territory.

The event is held biennially with both teams consisting of 12 police officers (10 men and 2 female). The APGT had representatives from the following police jurisdictions, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and the Australian Federal Police. APGT’s men’s playing handicaps ranged from +3 to 2 and the ladies handicaps 5 to 10.

The tournament follows a similar scratch match play format to the Ryder Cup with Day 1 Foursomes (Gold Creek Country Club), Day 2 4BBB (Gungahlin Golf Club) and Day 3 Singles (Federal Golf Club).

Summary of the event:

  • Day 1- APGT 4.5 matches to ADFGA 1.5 matches.
  • Day 2- APGT 6 matches to ADFGA 0 matches
  • Day 3 – APGT 6.5 matches to ADFGA 5.5 matches

APGT winning the tournament 17 matches to 7 matches.

The 2024 tournament will be held in New Zealand with a slightly modified format to include the APGT, ADFGA, New Zealand Police Golf Team and New Zealand Defence Golf Team.

If you’re interested in being selected for the 2024 tour of New Zealand, please contact Lennon THURTELL, Owen SPACKMAN or Andrew HUME to express your interest.

List of representatives for the APGT:

  • Grant BENNETT
  • Jessica CARTER
  • Jamie CORNISH
  • Corey HOLDEN
  • Andrew HUME
  • Jason McBEATH
  • Chris NOTT
  • Gerald ORR
  • Sarah POWELL
  • Lennon THURTELL
  • Gio ZAGAJE

Congratulation to the organisers and the participants on a great effort.